The cocktails and finger foods may have to wait… but after months of planning and design, we’re celebrating a major refresh of our website.

Good websites are rarely static. Its essential to find new ways to keep things fresh and to constantly test your assumptions using analytics. Our team came up with several strategies to provide an improved digital experience. This included changes to design, navigation and rethinking certain page layouts to function better on mobile.

Rather than going back to the drawing board, we also decided to keep a lot from our previous website redesign. This was an opportunity to elevate our website and take it up to the next level by making some targeted changes to improve flow while also giving the website an updated look.

website screenshot mockup

Our primary goals were to improve engagement, make content easier to find, and optimize the design for conversions. Since the website is often the first interaction that we have with prospective clients, it must be intuitive.

Navigation to our careers page and client login has been moved from the header to the footer, and the main navigation has been simplified. The home page design has also been simplified and new sections have been added like client testimonials. The contact and location pages have been completely redesigned to function better for mobile and to improve the overall browsing experience.

We would like to thank the team at Cornerstone Digital for their expertise and guidance in completing this project. They understood what we were trying to accomplish and helped us create an engaging digital presence that aligns with our company brand and vision.

The new website provides a compelling snapshot of what we can do for our clients, but the value Challenger provides is not limited to collecting the data in the field or completing the plans in the office.

Like Cornerstone, our work with our clients is rarely cookie-cutter. We try to develop a keen understanding of their needs and internal processes so that we can adapt spatial solutions that address those challenges. This often leads to a high degree of customization since what works for one client does not necessarily work the same way for someone else.

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